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Founded in March 2005, filong law firm is a partnership law firm established earlier with the approval of Beijing Municipal Bureau of justice. It has won awards such as excellent law firm in Haidian District, advanced Party branch in Haidian District and excellent lawyer in Haidian District for many consecutive years.

Filong's core business is financial leasing and has rich experience and professional accumulation in this field. "Service lease investment, standardize lease transactions, support lease innovation and safeguard lease rights and interests" is the service concept put forward by filong since its establishment and still adheres to today. With this unwavering dedication, filong has grown into a leading law firm in the field of financial leasing legal services, and has provided legal services to 207 financial leasing companies and financial leasing companies since its establishment.

At present, Filong has more than 50 registered lawyers, trainee lawyers and paralegals. Its members are from Renmin University of China, China University of political science and law, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Nankai University, Zhejiang University, Washington University in St. Louis, Georgetown University, new Siberian National University and other first-class law schools at home and abroad. filong lawyers not only have profound theoretical skills and legal literacy, but also many are proficient in English, Russian, finance, accounting, international trade and other related fields. "Clear division of labor, tacit cooperation; adhering to the work style of" focus and excellence "and the service mode of" down-to-earth, efficient and innovative ", Filong law provides customers with professional, timely and comprehensive solutions.

Adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of "grinding a sword in ten years", Filong people have made painstaking efforts and kept improving, and constantly explored and innovated in the financial leasing and other legal service markets. In the past 16 years, Filong has made qualitative breakthroughs in service concept, talent training and professional construction, and has cast its own quality with time. The mighty trend, do not advance or retreat, make great achievements and go further! All members of filong will, as always, based on China's national conditions, adhere to the lawyer's practice rules, use the scientific management mode, constantly adapt to the new international development trend of the lawyer industry of economic globalization and service specialization, and continue to work hard to achieve better performance!