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Filong won the Excellent service organization award in 2021

发布:2021-04-30 编辑:Filong 热度:

On December 14, 2021, the leasing industry working committee of China Association of enterprises with foreign investment officially released the "2021 China financial leasing list", which was unanimously approved by the evaluation committee composed of industry experts and scholars. Filong law firm won the "2021 China financial leasing list - excellent service organization award". This award represents the high recognition of Filong by the association and customers. Filong will continue to adhere to the service concept of "serving lease investment, standardizing lease transactions, supporting lease innovation and safeguarding lease rights and interests", and provide better legal services for financial leasing customers.

Since its establishment in 2007, the "China financial leasing list" selected by the leasing industry working committee of China Association of foreign invested enterprises has been selected for 14 consecutive sessions, which has been actively participated and widely recognized by enterprises in the industry. In order to highlight the good image of industry development, guide the industry to better implement national industrial policies, improve service quality, strengthen industry communication and exchange, promote complementary advantages, business innovation and promote the healthy development of the industry, the "excellent service organization award" is added to the 2021 China financial leasing list.