The basic legal issues related to marriage and family include divorce disputes, parent-child relationship, adoption, maintenance, inheritance, family property management, etc. to deal with marriage and family legal issues, we need to be proficient not only in marriage and family law, but also in company law, real estate law, civil procedure law, psychology, etc. Many of Filong's lawyers have rich experience and keen vision in the field of marriage and family. Since the establishment of the law firm for more than ten years, they have handled a large number of marriage and family disputes such as divorce real estate disputes, child rearing disputes, inheritance disputes, divorce equity disputes and foreign-related divorce disputes, and won the trust and praise of the parties concerned!

The legal services provided by Filong in the field of marriage and family mainly include: legal consultation on marriage and family disputes and private legal services; Disputes over inheritance and division of property in marriage and family; Divorce, real estate and company equity division; Disputes over custody, visitation and alimony of children; Disputes over invalidity of marriage, dissolution of cohabitation relationship and return of betrothal gifts; Divorce damage compensation dispute litigation; Estate supervision and inheritance litigation; Lawyer's witness of property before and during marriage; Testamentary lawyer witness and testamentary execution; Foreign affairs, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan marriage legal services, etc.