Filong has many years of research experience in compliance and dispute resolution related to factoring. Over the years, the legal services provided for commercial factoring enterprises have been highly praised by customers. The main services include:

1. Demonstrate the legality and compliance of commercial factoring business and products (such as invoice factoring, Bill factoring, factoring usufruct and asset securitization financing) provided by commercial factoring enterprises, and issue special legal opinions;

2. Provide legal basis for the business decision-making of innovative products of commercial factoring enterprises, and provide legal opinions on the feasibility and risk of their decision-making;

3. Provide legal services for commercial factoring enterprises to review and modify various contracts, articles of association, materials submitted to banking and insurance regulatory authorities, important systems and other legal documents;

4. Provide legal services for commercial factoring enterprises to review internal rules and regulations and provide advice;

5. Provide legal services such as special investigation and consultation for major and difficult projects of commercial factoring enterprises;

6. Provide legal advice and professional argumentation opinions for commercial factoring enterprises in the development of other new projects and the disposal of settlement projects;

7. Assist the factoring company to carry out effective communication with relevant departments to solve doubts and problems in the business development of commercial factoring enterprises;

8. Provide legal training and lectures for commercial factoring enterprises, especially special training for interpretation and analysis of the latest regulatory policies and trends;

9. Interpret and put forward practical solutions to the relevant laws, regulations and problems concerned by commercial factoring enterprises and at the forefront of the financial market;

10. Summarize the legal problems existing in the operation and management of commercial factoring enterprises, sort out the types of daily legal affairs of the company, summarize the types of legal risks of commercial factoring enterprises, and put forward preventive measures and opinions on the corresponding types of legal risks;

11. Provide professional analysis, demonstration and agency services for the settlement and litigation of commercial factoring enterprises.